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laughingweb.space is:

  • a virtual laugh-in for survivors of sexual violence.
  • a communal, networked monument
  • a space of healing
  • a space for reflecting

This website enables survivors to record and listen to the sounds of their laughter, and through the magic of the internet, laugh together. If you want to just try out the recording button you can: you are able to review your recording and decide whether you want to submit it or not.

Why laughter? Laughter is infectious, and borne of the air we still breathe. We laugh in joy. We laugh in bitterness. We laugh awkwardly. We laugh in relief. We laugh in anxiety. We laugh because it is helpful for laugh. We laugh because it might help someone else. Laughing is good for our health: soothing stress, strengthening the immune system, and easing pain. Through laughter, we proclaim ourselves as more complex than the traumatic memories that we live with. Our voices echo, and will reverberate in the homes, public places, and headphones of whoever visits.

Participation. On this website, there are no guidelines for what constitutes sexual violence. Sexual violence might entail: inappropriate comments, unwanted sexual touching, physical violence or the unwarranted expectation of sex. It might be something that goes beyond that description. If it counts to you, then it counts to laughingweb.space, and you are invited to anonymously contribute your laughter.

This is a site for anyone of any gender. No one from this website is going to ask you any questions.

Anonymity. This website doesn't collect any data. This website is not connected to social media. It's a safe haven for people who want to participate in the #metoo movement but don't want to go public. The only data that counts here relates to participation: listening and laughing.

Moderation. All recordings on laughingweb.space are edited by a human (to reduce mouse clicks), and moderated by a human (to ensure that only laughter is added to the site). Testimonials, stories, confessions are fine, but they won't be added to the site. The person who manages this project will listen though.


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October 3rd, 2018

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