User Agreement 2018

By submitting a recording to

1) I attest that I am of the legal age of majority (I am over 18 years of age).

2) I attest that the recording is of my own voice and likeness and not that of another person ("The Recording").

3) I grant to Erin Gee the right to copy, alter, use, perform, display, amplify, simulate, and distribute The Recording for any legitimate purpose related to her artistic practice, including but not limited to distribution by means of streaming or other technologies via the Internet or distribution as artistic installations or performances in gallery spaces or public space.

4) I grant Erin Gee the right to combine The Recording with other recordings in the production of audio media or any other media.

5) I understand that submitting The Recording to the website does not guarantee that The Recording will be later incorporated into the website

6) I understand that submission of The Recording is voluntary and that I may contact if I have any questions after reading this waiver.